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Top 10 React Grid Components in 2023

Top 10 React Grid Components in 2023

As we know, this is an era of technology, and several websites are released daily. Users prefer platforms that give them a better experience and fulfill their requirements. Therefore, developers always keep exploring the best react grid components. It helps us to make our platform look stunning with a rich user experience.

We can also create a layout grid by writing code from scratch. However, it is important to save time and cost as much as possible in software development. Therefore, we use the best React grid components to create stunning layouts with the minimum possible effort. As a matter of fact, there are several options available in the market. Therefore, choosing the right React grid component can be a little confusing. If you are also facing this challenge, don’t worry. We got you an amazing list of the top 10 React Grid Components in 2023. So what are you waiting for? Let’s continue reading till the end. A girl using react grid components with react data grid in resizable grid layout

What Is React Grid?

React grid helps us to build beautiful user interfaces for our applications in React JS. It is a powerful library of components with a comprehensive set of features. The amazing features make it easier to create complex responsive layouts easily. It is interesting to note that React layout is developed on top of the Flexbox layout system. Moreover, React grid also offers an intuitive API for the creation of rows, columns, grids, and other components. Let’s explore some features of React Grid.

What Are the Top Features Of React Grid?

The strong reason behind the popularity of React grid is its powerful features. There are multiple features, but we will discuss some most popular features here.

Responsive Design

The most powerful feature of React is to be responsive. It can adapt to any size, shape, device, and design. Therefore, we can easily create layouts that look stunning on any device.

Flexbox Support

As a matter of fact, React Grid has got the support of the Flexbox system. This makes creating complex and amazing layout systems easier with less effort.

Customizable Components

We get multiple customizable components through React Grid. Some columns are grids, rows, and columns. This makes it easier to create custom layouts that fulfill our requirements.

Easy To Use API

The React Grid API is very easy to use, with accessible instructions and manuals.

Cross-Browser Support

No matter what our user’s browser, React Grid can adapt to that browser. Some examples are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.


React Grid is also accessible to people with disabilities. It supports WAI-ARIA accessibility standards. As a result, we get features such as screen reader support and keyboard navigation.


React Grid gives us a fast and efficient performance. It renders only the visible components through virtualization, which results in improved performance.

What Are React Grid Components?

React Grid components are helpful in making powerful user interfaces in React. It is interesting to note that React Grid components make beautiful UI with the help of an intuitive API. Moreover, components are reusable pieces of code that we can sprinkle into our applications. Let’s take a look at some Best React Grid components.

What Are Some Best React Grid Components?

We always look for the best solutions when we want to create performant and great-looking grid layouts. Here is a list of the best React grid components we can use to build our user interfaces.


BestReactGrid is one of React components’ most effective and powerful libraries. It helps us to create responsive grids with minimal effort. BestReactGrid is considered suitable for modern applications. It has more than 100 features with the ability to handle millions of records. BestReactGrid is the fastest grid solution to provide you with a high-performance and robust grid.

Material-UI Grid

Material-UI is a library that contains powerful React components to compose responsive grids easily. It comes with an instinctive API that has the ability to furnish varied tunable components. Note that Material-UI is formulated with proficiencies and agility in mind. Therefore, it doesn’t affect the speed of our app or web portal. Developer working with export default function app to automatically resize & import react

React-Bootstrap Grid

The Bootstrap grid uses a collection of columns, rows, and containers to align the content. Since it is built with flexbox, the React-Bootstrap grid is fully responsive. It adopts the core of Bootstrap 4. The best part about React-Bootstrap Grid is that we get auto-layout for flexbox grid columns.


Rebass comes with Reflexbox, a responsive grid layout system for React. As a matter of fact, Reflexbox gives us two components to lay out our React application. These two components are flex and box. The flex component is responsible for the layout of the container. While the box components are responsible for items inside that container. It also allows us to set different variations in our theme.


It is an animated grid layout component. For animations, we can choose between React-Motion and CSS transitions. It offers a layout similar to Pinterest with different heights. Moreover, it offers a higher order function <measureItems> for situations where the elements’ heights are unknown. an example of react component container and item props


This library implements the power of CSS modules with flexboxgrid.css. The grid system of this library is based on the flex display property. It has responsive modifiers that allow us to set different alignments, offsets, and column sizes. Note that this library uses percentage-based width.


It is another layout library that helps us to build responsive grids for a React app. This library is most suitable when we are looking for some easy solutions for animations. The auto-responsive-react library is suitable for building something like an image gallery.


If you are looking for a tidy package that provides theming, responsiveness, modularity, and accessibility, you must consider Grommet. Currently, it is working with version two. You can use a boolean value to decide the scalability of margin and pad sizes for the mobile environment.


This library is highly inspired by Bootstrap, with three components for creating responsive grids. These three components are columns, containers, and rows. It has features like setting breakpoints and gutter widths.


It is another library that helps us to achieve building applications like Pinterest. The React-stack-grid offers a feature known as <updateLayout()> to update the layout manually. Another amazing feature that it offers is handling the page size animations. Developers love this library for its higher customizability. Grid style example on LCD

Why Should You Choose BestReactGrid?

Now that we have learned about multiple grid solutions, we must know why developers choose BestReactGrid. Here are some amazing features that convince developers to rely on BestReactGrid.

  • Quick Integration
  • Virtual Columns
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Easy Customization
  • Custom Data Loading
  • Handles Massive Amounts Of Data


This blog post has covered the 10 best react grid component libraries to use in 2023. Although they are amazing tools to use, it totally depends on your goals and requirements. Before choosing any library, you must ensure that it gives you the desired results for your users.


What Are Grid Elements?

Margins, markers, flowlines, modules, spatial zones, and columns.

How Do You Make 3 Columns in a Grid?

We get three columns of equal widths by using grid-template-columns: repeat(3, 1fr) on the grid container.

What Is Grid Layout in React?

It is a container component that allows us to resize and rearrange content panels.

What Are Breakpoints in React Grid Layout?

The five most important breakpoints are xs, sm, md, lg, and xl. Sign up for free now to try the BestReactGrid components for your applications.

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